Please Share your #michED Stories of Connection

I don’t typically ask for direct help via digital or social media avenues; I’m a traditionalist, and prefer face to face conversations. However, I’ve found that when I’ve asked for help, I’ve been blessed with an over abundance of support from my #michED friends and colleagues. So rather than beat around the bush, I’ll be direct.

I need your help! I’m crafting a short video presentation for the 2015 K12 Online Conference, and it’s missing something….your voices! I’ve spent the last few years collecting stories of connection, openness, and sharing from around Michigan, and while I have many compelling stories and examples of connection, including some of my own, it just doesn’t sound right coming from a single voice. I want the thousands of educators from around the globe that partake in the annual K12 Online Conference to experience your voices, your realities, and your amazing stories of how education here in Michigan is stronger because of the connections you’ve made with other educators, classrooms, or among your students.

There are many ways to help out!


Simply leave a comment on this blog post sharing your story of connections with links to any special websites or resources that help illustrate your story.


Use the SpeakPipe voicemail box below to record up to 90 seconds of your story of connections. You can preview it before submitting in case your nervous about how it turns out.


If you’re eager and able to share video, I would LOVE to include it with my presentation, as it would be the ultimate visual experience for K12 Online Conference attendees. You can upload the video below using by Drop it To Me link. Please include a brief introduction with your name, your job, and the school/institution you work for in the video. Any type of video is welcome, including a “webcam” style interview, a piece produced for another project, or perhaps just a simple montage or images and/or video as you describe your story.

Brad Wilson’s “Voice of #michED” Series on Youtube would be a GREAT model to follow!

I need your help to make this presentation powerful! I can do it on my own, but it will lack the luster, the character, and the power of your voices! Please share this post with any #michED educator you know!