14 Days of #macul14 – Day Two – I Understand Vine Now!

I’m not one to usually struggle with tech tools; new updates to iMovie set me back a day or two, animated GIFs were quite easy with the proper apps, but Vine is something I struggled with for quite some time. I would create a 6 second clip, realize I had my phone turned the wrong way, and trash it. I would try to capture some humorous moment, only to run out of “recording time”. I wanted to use it for something moving, creating a digital story beyond the six-second jokes and visual gags that seem to litter the Vine community.

And then it happened. I captured the joy of my friends Dan Spencer and Kim Powell playfully role playing a “hashtag battle” between iPads and Chromebooks during the Instructional Technologist Rally on Wednesday, March 13th.

I gave in to the silliness that is Vine, and made a couple more. It would have been much more, but I lost my iPad for half of the first day of the conference (that’s a story for another day), which set my nerves off a bit. I never quite recovered, but I’m definitely intrigued to play more with Vine! I mean, if my wish for MACUL 2014 came true, what else could happen?

I did manage to sneak into the vendor hall early on Friday morning (I was volunteering at the MSU booth), and I should have known that when I found Leigh Graves Wolf hunched over her laptop giggling, that it would lead to something spectacular. It did. Leigh, Michelle Hagerman, Matigna Ragatz, and I went #whaling at MACUL 2014!

Yes, it’s as silly as it looks, but it was a well deserved bit of childish fun before the vendor hall opened up for the day. And if grown adults can’t behave like the students they work with when they manage to escape the school hallways for a day or two at a conference, then this is a dark world indeed. Looking forward to the next iteration of #ds106 to have a lot more fun with Vine!