14 Days of #macul14 – Day Three – Through the Eyes of MACUL E. Culkin

Rarely do you get to experience the unbridled joy, enthusiasm, and energy of first time attendees of the MACUL Annual Conference in a way that makes you tear up with laughter. At this year’s conference, MACUL E. Culkin provided that magical look at the conference. Through an imaginative and amazing role play as the once beloved child-star Macaulay Culkin, his (or her) twitter account (@MACULfun) was filled with silliness, humor, and exploration.

The following tweet is just one of many hilarious moments shared by this individual.

It wasn’t just playfulness that was shared, as this “MACUL E. Culkin” wrote what has to be one of the best reflections on the MACUL Conference that I’ve read in quite some time. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of amazing reflections on the conference, but our mystery “Home Alone” fan shared a compelling narrative about a transformation that took place that was larger than the conference. MACUL E. Culkin talked about the transformation that took place around his or her thoughts about Twitter, and how the social media platform can be used as a vehicle for not just connecting people, but ideas and passions. A quote from the reflection about the use of this playful Twitter account during the MACUL conference:

As my inbox overflowed with Twitter notification emails, one thing became painfully obvious: I had more meaningful interaction in three days with this account than in the six years I’ve used my personal account.


If you haven’t read MACUL E. Culkin’s reflection on MACUL 2014, you should. It’s worth the time, I promise. And don’t forget to keep the #macul14 hashtag alive, because there’s power in the community. Thank you MACUL E. Culkin, whoever you may be!