My Latest Attempt to Kill What Little Free Time I Have Left

As if my summer weren’t already busy enough with conferences, curriculum planning, implementation of new software systems, prepping new iPads for classrooms, pulling off a minor ed tech conference, teaching CEP 810 for MSU, and squeezing in some family time; I went ahead and threw myself head first into Thought Vectors, a MOOC (?) from VCU starring several veterans of #ds106. It promises to be a conversation of “concept spaces” which has already referenced corny monster movies of the 50s. I’m not sure if that implies the course itself will start a bit cheesy, with the promise of great riffing happening in a digital space. I might normally be anxious about jumping into a course with an informal title that already sounds a bit fluffy (UNIV 200: “Living the Dreams”). However, with the pedigree of those putting it together, I’m looking forward to cobbling together some new thoughts and ideas.

And since I’m off to a pretty terrible start by missing the official first event of the course (a Google+ Hangout) this evening in favor of an awards banquet in which I’m being honored, I thought I’d at least get a GIF posted to capture what little bit of play I managed to squeeze in with my kids the other night. My family time may find itself playing a large role in my “thought vectors” assignments this summer.




  1. All starts are good.

    The dreams are focused on collective IQ, human/machine augmentation etc. etc. so they’re more lucid dreams of an unrealized techno utopian future if that helps make it sound more rigorous. 🙂

  2. If dreams are fluffy, we’re all in trouble. 🙂 Nothing more rigorous than trying to live these dreams.

    Great gif, by the way.

    1. Fluff is important; it helps stitch together all of the time in between strategic planning meetings and school improvement meetings 🙂 Can’t wait to live some rigorous dreams!

      Loved making the GIF; was fun getting some time to be goofy with the kids on their bikes.

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