Estimating Sticky Notes – A Video Story Problem

I did a search on YouTube today for the terms “video story problem.” It returned more than 16 million results. Interestingly enough, many of the top results are from people creating video story problems that I’ve never met, have never been in one of my workshops, and have no links back to where they got the idea; and that’s awesome! Loving that so many other educators and students are starting to play with video to help create publicly available examples of the old “learning is messy” adage!

I really enjoyed this one created by William Campillo, who tasked us with estimating the thickness of a single sticky note by using a stack of notes and one on its side.

If I find some time, I might try to start curating all of the examples out there that I see popping up on YouTube. Or better yet, maybe create a hub site where all of the videos can live, be sorted and categorized, and maybe even start to build it up as a resource beyond the Video Story Problem Channel. For now, I’m just excited to see so many others creating!