Tech Director Chat #009 – OMG! We Passed the Bond!

Alright, so the voters of my school district’s community passed the bond. But I’m still excited as the two previous bond attempts failed. That means we’ve got a whole lot of changes in store for the district in the near future, and there’s a lot of questions to explore!

This week’s episode of Tech Director Chat touches on a lot of bond-related questions, but is also balanced out by ongoing issues that many school districts have related to technology; how do you bring students into the decision making process, what projects take priority over others when money is scarce, and general questions about “life, the universe, and everything.” This week see’s the continuation of “Stump Pete”, in which Pete shares his complete disdain for Disco, and introduces actual names of those submitting questions. It feels like we’re getting closer and closer to Car Talk (RIP Tom Magliozzi), but I’m not getting any ideas of grandeur. This podcast is first and foremost for the teachers in my district, and I hope serves as a model for others to adopt, build upon, or tinker with so they can create new inroads with their own teaching staff.

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Timestamps for this week’s questions:

1:17 We passed both our bonds? YAY!

1:53 What has Pete been up to today?

2:58 Did Pete bring anything back from Prague for us?

3:48 Does the passing of the bond mean that we will have 1:1 computing?

4:55 Can you give us an example of a project that’s been put “on hold” as we’ve been building up laptops?

7:30 Jeff asks, what does the passing of the bond mean for each building?

8:54 What are the plans for the architects and bond consultants for getting input from teachers and the community?

10:10 Wait, we have to hire a technology consultant for the bond? Isn’t that Pete’s job?

12:45 Nicole from Twitter asks, how do you get more students involved with requesting apps and websites for being unblocked?

17:44 Angie asks, if you could ask Stephen Hawking anything, what would you ask him?

19:43 Stump Pete! Jeff asks, what was the first major sound innovation after “Rock and Roll?”

Tech Director Chat – OMG! We Passed the Bond!


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