Cheesy Estimation – A Video Story Problem

I’ve been trying to get back to playing with video at least once a week (it’s hard to squeeze it in with all of my other official work duties). Turns out, I should just take my own advice, and be ready with my camera more often when I’m out around town. There was a great opportunity to make a quick video story problem about estimation and proportional reasoning (thanks Aviva) today at the grocery store, and I got some nice cheddar out of it. Learning + food = a win in my book.

I really need to find a way to turn all of these videos into something larger. There’s so much more below the surface, but I feel like I’m just scratching at it with a dull spade. For now, I’m enjoying getting back into the swing of creating them.

P.S. Sorry for the unkempt face. I deserve a day off from shaving on a Saturday, right?