Tech Director Chat #010 – Ben’s Tech Metaphors

Creating insightful metaphors for explaining complicated technological systems that make concepts easily accessible for a wider audience can be a strength. Being able to turn those metaphors into colorful train wrecks of slightly off center explanations takes a particularly special talent. I like to think I’m capable of both.

In this week’s episode of Tech Director Chat, Pete and I answer a number of questions that came out of our Technology Advisory Group meeting. It’s a monthly meeting that brings together educators and administrators from across the district. We talk geeky, share successes with technology, and address larger issues with technology within the district. Pete gets a bit geeky with the tech terminology, we talk about some of the failing technology in the district that’s reaching “end of life,” why we can’t do anything at the moment about increasing bandwidth for teachers and students, and Pete is stumped once again. We really should start revisiting those questions to see if Pete really has answered them correctly 🙂

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Timestamps for this week’s questions:

1:11 We didn’t have a snow day today?

1:34 Does Ben know how to read a calendar?

2:30 What’s our normal Help Ticket load at the start of the school year?

3:15 Why has it taken us longer to get ahead on the Help Tickets this year?

4:40 What has Pete been doing today?

5:22 JW asks about the plans to add technology to existing buildings.

8:15 What is the plan for upgrading our wireless infrastructure?

9:20 Pete describes what AP means in the technology world.

10:07 Ben attempts to explain basic networking for non techies.

11:04 Is it possible with our current wireless to increase bandwidth for students?

14:05 If we had all the money in the world, would we still have internet problems?

14:40 Is the Internet really a cloud, or more like a giant bowl of spaghetti?

15:15 JW wants to know if we have a “one size fits all” package for classroom technology?

20:05 Stump Pete: What was James Brown always talking to his band about?

Tech Director Chat – Ben’s Tech Metaphors