A Big Deal on Crackers? – A Video Story Problem

This will not be a long or profound post (not that I have many profound thoughts to share). But I am having a blast rediscovering my love for video story problems….and peanut butter crackers.

The grocery store is a bountiful gold mine of learning opportunities. Great real-world math is found on every shelf, and it provides students with an instant hook connected to common experiences. There’s nothing complicated with these video story problems; I’m quiet content to pump out examples for others to use, or inspire to create their own. I’ve actually got a pretty popular workshop developed around creating them (at least the feedback collected by attendees is always positive), and I’m constantly encouraged by the way educators take the idea and turn it into something engaging within their own content area.

There, a simple post, just like I promised. As I look back at my last few postings, I find myself considering starting up a new blog; perhaps one based around all of the media I create, or perhaps around just the video story problems. I’m going to keep noodling on it, as I’m curious if I can attempt to maintain yet another space online. In the meantime, the increasingly eclectic nature of my blog marches on!