Tech Director Chat #013 – Do Tech Directors Make Us Feel Dumb?

This week’s topic can border a bit on the uncomfortable for some. It addresses the soft skills that Technology professionals are often stereo-typically lacking. Some are born to better understand boxes and wires more so than inter personal communication. Some are taught and strive to better their customer service skills. And some may never play well with others. I hope that I’m not in the latter category. People around me tell me otherwise, so I can only imagine that the near constant attention I give to my outward communication and relationships with others is vital to my role. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode! As an added bonus, you can watch the “Mr. Microphone” commercial that plays halfway through this week’s podcast!

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Timestamps for this week’s questions:

0:53 What has Pete been up to today?

2:35 Jonathan asks, what skills are you having to develop to provide a quality service to your district?

4:00 Ben asks, do you think people feel “dumb” about technology, or do stereotypical attitudes of IT professionals makes them feel “dumb?”

6:05 Would you rather have a tech support staff that is highly skilled in repair skills with poor people skills, or great customer service with very little technical skills?

8:50 Rachelle wants to know, why is the answer “no,” instead of “no, but….?”

11:16 Jennifer asks, do you know “Mr. Microphone?”

12:50 Nancy wants to know, when and where is your band playing this holiday break?

13:50 Is this podcast done during school hours?

16:11 Stump Pete!

16:54 There’s a machine that was built to lick Tootsie Pops?

18:20 Ben asks, what is the most valuable guitar ever created by Gibson?

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Tech Director Chat – Do Tech Directors Make Us Feel Dumb?