Tech Director Chat #014 – Pete’s Technology Utopia

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! This is the last Tech Director Chat podcast of 2014, and while I’m looking forward to many more this school year, Pete and I will be taking a break during the two week Winter school break. In truth, I was almost close to not even getting this episode out before Christmas (I was enjoying break a bit too much), but I’m glad I stayed up late last night to get the editing done.

This week’s episode has us navel-gazing a bit, as Pete gets to share what his childhood dreams were, and what he hopes his “legacy” will be upon retirement. For my part, I share a few anti-virus resources and apps for iOS that those who are a bit more cautious might want to explore. We get far too long winded with our conversation about expensive guitars, but ultimately we have some good conversations around how Pete would love to see the world of technology work, and how it really works.

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Timestamps for this week’s questions:

1:06 What was today like, the last day before break?

3:00 Do you think it’s necessary to run virus protection on an iPhone or iPad?

3:13 Is it possible to run virus protection on an iPhone or iPad? Ben shares Avira Antivirus for iOSIntego VirusBarrier for iOS, and McAfee Mobile Security.

7:10 Would it be better off if everyone knew how all of their computer devices really worked?

7:41 Ben describes what “ne’er do wells” attempt to do to hack your computer.

8:31 Does Pete really need Ben?

8:47 Will the bond allow the High School to have a laptop cart for every classroom?

10:00 Pete describes the three big areas in which money from the bond will be spent towards technology.

13:53 JW asks, what did you want to be when you were young?

14:31 What is something you would like to accomplish before you retire?

17:02 Stump Pete!

17:27 Last week Ben asked about the most expensive Gibson guitar, did Pete get it right?

20:23 Who played the intro guitar with Eric Clapton on “Layla?”

22:02 Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Tech Director Chat – Pete’s Technology Utopia