Tech Director Chat #26 – We’re Back!

Wow, what a break! Pete and I have been recording new episodes of Tech Director Chat since early September, but I’ve used excuse after excuse for not publishing them; “I’m too busy” comes up most often, followed closely by “is this really that valuable to those I’m serving and supporting at work?” taking a large mind share of the excuses. I really do try to work hard at being responsive and responsible to my school district and staff, which is why this blog bounces around between my own personal thoughts and more tech-heavy “how to” elements. Regardless of the wait, here it is, a brand new season of the podcast begins!

I’m in a new role that has put a lot more on his plate, and Pete is still recovering from one of our busiest starts to the school yet ever! This marks the start of our weekly conversation, and it was filled with plenty of good questions! Managing Spotlight on your Macs, Speck coming through after a defective bunch of cases, Ben geeks out over an Avery label maker addon for Google Docs, and Pete gets philosophical about whether we even need to teach students how to use technology.

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

1:12 What has Pete been up to?

3:50 How many help tickets do we have at the moment?

4:26 Speck cases are failing? Get your help tickets in!

6:40 How did one of the students change their school picture to a Minion?

8:30 Do we even need to teach students how to use computers? – Hole in the Wall

9:25 What’s up with the new Spotlight on the Macs?

10:55 What’s a Google add-on that we should all be using?

14:50 Stump Pete!

15:42 What is the most successful musical group of all time?

Tech Director Chat – We’re Back!