Video Story Problem – How Many Calories

Wow, a blog post! The first in more than 6 months!

I can’t believe I marshaled up the courage (and time) after my last post asking for requests, and then providing none to post again. I will admit, I was hopeful that in asking for requests for new Google Sites tutorials, it would spur me into action; unfortunately¬†it did not, and while I feel as though that’s likely disappointed people who read my blog, I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on my “newish” role of Curriculum and Instructional Technology Services Director and my family. In other words, this blog continues to be my hobby, not a vehicle for paid content, advertisements, and opportunities to expose myself for potential speaking or consulting engagements.

The day for monetizing my reflective work may certainly come, but not today…because I got super geeked the other night when I realized I had stumbled into a “Video Story Problem” during dinner. It’s not my greatest work, and it certainly follows a much more scripted path than some of my other videos, but I attribute that to being rusty. Regardless, I had a blast bringing my kids into the problem, and was honestly curious about the radical difference in how Kraft determines what’s an acceptable serving size for it’s various pre-packaged shredded/grated cheese toppings. See, I told you it was geeky.

With that having been said, here it is! A brand new video story problem about Kraft cheese toppings (which I’ve added to the Video Story Problem Channel) about fractions, measurements, unit conversion, servings sizes and calories. Enjoy!