Tech Director Chat #39 – Apple TVs & The Future of Google Classroom

As I slowly work my way back into semi-regular blogging habits, I thought posting latest episodes of Tech Director Chat would be a good way to kick myself in the pants. It’s not a terribly engaging episode, educationally speaking. But I do get a bit wonkish on the business of “ed tech” and why I don’t think Google will ever push their Classroom to be a full-fledged LMS. The short of it? They don’t want to piss off all the software vendors they partner with by stealing their business. The long of it? Well, you’ll have to listen 🙂

The rest of the episode is rounded out with a lot of good technical and troubleshooting questions about Apple TVs, and why we have to put passcodes on them for airplay mirroring in my district. For those that don’t have restrictions activated for an Apple TV in a school setting, you should definitely make sure that happens. Pete and I go over a social media policy that our district has in place, and follow all that up with an opportunity to “stump Pete” and I’d call this one full podcast.

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

1:48 What has Pete been up to?

2:26 We’re getting ready to move to Powerschool?

3:04 Wait, what did Ben call Pete?

4:42 Nicole wants to know, why doesn’t my Apple TV ask for a passcode when using Airplay?

5:36 Does the Apple TV “time out” for mirroring?

6:49 Tony wants to know, why is my Apple TV not mirroring my computer?

8:01 Ben asks the infamous IT support question…

8:40 Does the district have a policy regarding social media interaction between students and staff?

10:44 Someone wants to know about sharing settings and access of documents via Google Classroom.

13:12 Pete asks Ben, when will Google Classroom be a full blown Learning Management System (LMS)?

16:15 Pete wants to know, why would our district be spending time pushing Google Classroom?

18:07  Stump Pete!

19:20 JW wants to know, why did it take so long for “Journey” to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?


Tech Director Chat – Apple TVs and the Future of Google Classroom


  1. I noticed the PowerSchool portion. I have used both AERIES and PowerSchool at the different districts I have worked in and they both have their pluses and minuses. But for secondary the power scheduler in Power Schools can’t beat and it’s not even close. Keep up the good work on the blog.

    1. Thanks John! Getting ready to start in on a new schedule to get blog posts out on a more regular basis. As for PowerSchoo, we’ve already seen the benefits of PowerScheduler. Really excited to see what is will afford us, especially at our Middle School where we have two schedules (one for core classes, one for encore classes) that aren’t in sync with one another.

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