Tech Director Chat #41 – Making Technology Work…..Kind Of

Does technology work in the classroom? Sure, f it turns on, runs reliably, but does it actually shift instruction? Does technology fundamentally change the process or system of how we instruct students? Yes….and no. Blended learning makes it easier to host asynchronous discussions with students, and gives them access to resources and materials that would otherwise be locked away in a library, classroom, or locker after school hours. But does technology change the actual practice of recursive learning; the ability of a student to narrate, curate, reflect upon, and share their learning? When technology isn’t as reliable as a piece of paper and a pencil, can we expect teachers to adopt it en masse?

Oh, and for the record…I don’t actually dislike the Slack App. The chatbot is fun to toy with and curse at when you’re frustrated. It’s the same reason I haven’t used Voxxer, Snapchat, and a number of other social networking/communication apps. In a hyper-connected world, one of the few things left we have control over is the ability to step away from the noise.

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

0:58 What has Pete been up to?

2:05 It’s time for teachers to update the OS on their laptops.

3:07 Apple has now made all iLife and iWork apps free?!

3:59 Do we ever sell the old Apple laptops or desktops?

5:20 Our laptops are HOW old and still in service?

6:15 Does the Technology Department need to be made aware of a laptop that’s extremely hot coming out of a cart?

8:38 Ben wants to know, what’s the deal with Chromebooks?

11:20 Why doesn’t the Tech Department use the Slack App anymore for inter-office communications?

15:31 Pete wants to know, why can’t we make technology work in the classroom?

18:16 Stump Pete!

19:52 Erik wants to know, now that the Red Wings are moving to Little Ceasar’s Arena, how many NHL arenas are NOT named or sponsored after a company?

Tech Director Chat – Making Technology Work…Kind Of